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2018 March Madness Format & Rules

 Updated: 2/2/2018

  • It is very important that everyone shows proof of 2018 QMA or USAC membership at sign-ins.
  • Novices only, race for weekly trophies
  • Gift Cards to be awarded at the end of the series, no other weekly awards.
  • Must have raced in all 2018 March Madness races to be eligible for Gift Cards
  • If only 2 of the races are held due to cancellations, the Gift Cards will be awarded at half of the value listed.
  • March Madness Racing Series final points total will be made up of your combined racing points and sign-in points.
  • Racing Points: March Madness racing points total will be the sum of all completed events.
  • Sign-In Points: 20 points awarded for each race event you sign-in and attempt to race.
  • Must attempt to race with signed in driver to be eligible for sign-in and race points.
  • All eligible finishing positions receive points.
  • Ties in points will be decided by:
    1. Most sign-in points
    2. First race finish

  • In cases where an event is shortened or cancelled after racing has started, sign-in points and race points will be awarded to classes that have completed their Feature(s). If no Features were completed, only sign-in points will be awarded. If no races were started, no points will be awarded.
  • Under 50 cars signed in - 2 heats and 1 feature. Over 50 cars signed in - 1 heat and 1 feature.
  • Pill draw at sign-in sets heat race order - Heat race finish sets feature race order. Pill draw breaks tie.
  • Novices 10 lap heats, 15 lap features - Jr. Classes 15 lap heats, 25 lap features - Sr. Classes 20 lap heats, 30 lap features.
  • 20 minute time limit on all races, excluding red flag periods.
  • Tech DQ's subject to QMA Penalties.
  • Track Fuel will be Mid-Grade obtained from the Love's Truck Stop located on Route 127 just North of Interstate 70 Exit #45. Fuel will be supplied by car owner. A fuel check may be taken at any time by the technical director or the acting technical director!
  • Absolutely no chemical tire prepping or artificial warming of tires!
  • Safety inspections will be conducted. All deficiencies must be corrected before a car will be allowed on the track.
  • wrist band from sign-ins will be mandatory to enter the hot chute.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all other QMA rules apply.
  • QMA Code of Conduct will be enforced.
  • A $15 per night electrical plug-in fee will be charged for those wishing to camp over night.
  • I-70 Officers decided to implement a cold weather rule. If the temperature or wind chill is forcasted to be below 40 degrees at noon, we will cancel racing for the day. For March Madness, that means the race could be postponed until Sunday, if the weather permits. The final decision will be for the race director to make. We will post on I-70's Facebook page by 9 a.m. if we are to cancel the race.
  • I-70 QMA reserves the right to make adjustments to the format as they feel necessary.

Gift Card Awards


All classes with a 5 or more car count average per week:

1st $200 ~ 2nd $100.00 ~ 3rd $50.00

All classes (if less than average of 5 cars/week)

Classes with a 1 - 4 Car count average per week

1st $50 ~ 2nd $35 ~ 3rd $25